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Eyvazoğlu Law Firm first started to provide legal services in 1971 with Mr. Lawyer Şevki Eyvazoğlu, and in 1996, with the participation of LLM Lawyer Mediator Arkın Eyvazoğlu and other valuable colleagues in the process, it opened national and international companies traded in Istanbul, Paris and New York Stock Exchanges. It is a law firm that offers legal consultancy, litigation and mediation services to the unique needs of companies and individuals in the harmony of classical and modern approaches.

Eyvazoğlu Law Firm has experience and expertise in intellectual property law, corporate law, commercial law, labor law, civil law, insurance law, contracts law and tax law, as well as mergers and acquisitions, competition law, criminal law, administrative law and Turkish Justice. It also provides services mainly in the fields of mediation law under the Ministry of Mediation Department.

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